March 30, 2015

Egg Carton Tulips

Today the little Bishops made bouquets of egg carton tulips! 

What you'll need for this craft:
cardboard egg carton
paint (we used tempura)
green yarn
fun craft/scrapbook paper
tacky glue
bright colored card stock paper

I did not get any photos of my kids in process. It was messy. Paint was all over their hands! But we had a blast. 

1) Cut egg carton cups so they have smooth edges.

2) Let the kids paint the insides and outsides of the egg carton cups. The more color the better I say :)

3) While the tulips are drying your child can cut pieces of green yarn for their stems.

4) Draw a simple vase shape on craft/scrapbook paper and let your child cut out the shape. 

5) Using craft tacky glue, glue the vase on the card stock and tuck in the ends of the green yarn "stems" into the top of the vase.

6) Once the tulips are dry use some tacky glue on the back of the cups and glue a "tulip" to the end of each yarn "stem". 

7) The final step is gluing the buttons in the centers on the tulips.

HOORAY! Aren't they so cute? :)

Have a fun time making these happy egg carton tulips with your kiddos! 


March 9, 2015

Shamrock Silhouette Yarn Craft

This shamrock silhouette yarn craft is an easy peasy craft 
that is super fun to make with your kiddos! 

You will need:
Yarn in multiple shades of green
White Paper
Green Paper

Fold paper in half & cut out a shamrock on one side of the paper...

Your child can cut the individual pieces of yarn if you give them one to measure with...

So pretty to see all the cut pieces of yarn...

On the opposite side of the paper start gluing the yarn pieces down the page...

It was fun to watch them create a pattern with the various shades of green...

Little fingers are so precious...

When they are done gluing the yarn to the opposite side of the paper apply glue everywhere you see white showing...

Fold over the paper and press down so the two sides of paper get glued together...

We then glued the project to a piece of green construction paper...

Isn't that a simple & fun craft?
Next time I will use card stock so the paper won't pucker so much from the glue :)

When we were working on the project my eldest asked me if I knew why the shamrock has 3 petals. I said I didn't know. He says that it can be used to demonstrate the trinity since the shamrock has 3 petals and the trinity has 3 persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I hugged him and thanked him for teaching me something new :) Cool huh? Now you too can share about the Triune God through shamrocks!


February 27, 2015

A lot of life being lived

Oh man this has been a fun and full month,
and a lot of life has been lived here.
I sold A BUNCH of these heart Valentine's garlands in all different colors (this one ended up being the most popular - barn red with jute)!
Our mango tree is blossoming...
 I've made more pancakes than I can count... 
 All my sweeties were sick at one time and there were lots of snuggles...
My meyer lemon tree is exploding with blossoms and fruit! 
I studied Galatians 5, the Fruit of the Spirit, and was blessed with an opportunity to talk about it to an awesome group of women from my church...
Valentines dinner was so fun with my family! We had a spread of nachos and got to put our own toppings on them. So fun! So yum! Totally have to do this again! 
My eldest lost another tooth :) 
Playing with my daughter with the same ponies I played with when I was little...
Valentine's blessings from Auntie Jacquie in Hawaii!!! 
Date night spent at the Anaheim Packing District. Great food! It was an experience for sure... 
The moment I got into my car after speaking to a beautiful group of women at a prayer breakfast. I was excited to be done with the message, poured completely out, acutely aware of my needs for an iced espresso and a nap. Lol! God is SO SO SO GOOD!
After a weekend away from our kiddos, we reunited at a train park/museum. Oh how sweet the reunion was... 
Oh the beauty of God's artwork. My kids and I laid on the grass in our yard and watched as the clouds drifted by. LOVE! 
Collecting wildflowers with daddy... 
Some of the beauties we collected...
My absolute favorite wild flower is the California poppy! So pretty! 
Such a weird/cool tree! It was split down the center and had this yellow stuff growing inside. We are going to look up what that stuff is. I wonder if it is a mushroom of some form?
Taking a break to pick some wildflowers :)
We got married at the Oak Canyon Nature center and we try to take a picture there each Spring with our kids. Here is the Bishop Bunch in all of our glory lol...
I got part of my garden tilled and weeded. YAY! 
Zucchini!!! Oh I love me some zucchini. Can't wait for my plants to start producing... 
Last night I had a hard night sleeping and so I woke up later than I wanted to. Instead of tossing breakfast and the Bible out the window I started the kids on an activity and then got in as much nourishment as I could. I love my times in my chronological bible each day... 

How have you been living life lately? Are you being intentional to receive your strength from the Lord and His word? Without Him you will dry up and be unable to pour anything into your family. Oh how I know the reality of this dependency on Jesus. I'm nothing without Him. He is GOOD and ready to FILL you to OVERFLOWING with LIVING WATER!


February 9, 2015

You Rock!

My little kindergartner loves rocks. He has amassed a pretty nice collection of rocks and he decided to share some of his favorites with his friends. We came up with this fun Valentine's card for him to pass out...

We painted the rocks with tacky glue and sprinkled glitter on the glue. After the glue was dry we used a dry paintbrush to brush away excess glitter...

With my help we hot glued the rocks onto red cardstock paper. He hand wrote each card with "You Rock!" and then signed  his name on the bottom.

He wanted solid red paper but this would also look amazing on scrapbooking paper or any cardstock you have. Also, it would be fun to use scrolled scissors to trim the edges. My son wanted it to be plain and simple and focus on the rock lol. I love him.

I hope this inspired you to get creative and make your own Valentine's cards!


February 8, 2015

A Day with the Beavers

I have been reading to the boys each night from C.S. Lewis' "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".

I love to draw out lessons from the books we are reading. Watching the stories come to life for my children is amazing!

When the robin led the children through the snow to meet Mr. Beaver we stopped and studied robins...

When we got to chapter 7 of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" we stopped and studied beavers. We watched documentaries on the importance of beavers and how they build their dams. We also looked at their anatomy and studied their behaviors.

Tonight we finished our time with the beavers by recreating the dinner Mrs. Beaver made for the children. This was a SUPER FUN way to bring this chapter to life! Here's the spread...

I read chapter 7 again to the kids as we served up and ate the food...

I tried to stay as true to the dinner Mrs. Beaver served as possible but I did have a few variations.
I served tilapia instead of trout. It was YUMMY!
I served boiled potatoes with butter like she did, but I also offered oven roasted potatoes. I had way too many potatoes so I just cooked them up :)
I added green beans, because, well, they are delicious and were only $0.99/lb!
I served creamy milk with our dinner, just like Mrs. Beaver did.

I could not find a recipe for a marmalade roll so I made cinnamon rolls...

This one loved it...

He was super happy...

And now she is saying she loves fish and wants to be a beaver...

We had a blast recreating the day with the beavers and can't wait to continue exploring & learning through literature!